Asbestos Testing & Site Survey

Why Testing is Neccessary

Do you suspect that there might be asbestos in your home or on your property? Do you want to be sure about it before you call for a removal crew? How much does asbestos testing cost, anyway?

Our labs perform asbestos testing and assessment. With this service, we can determine if those strange white fibres or substances you’ve found in your home are asbestos. We can also conduct an inspection on-site, so we can check personally if you prefer not to collect a sample.

Class A is friable asbestos. As a material, it will usually be found below ground level. However, it might also see use in older domestic stoves and ceiling insulation for commercial structures.

Class B is bonded asbestos, a fibre-cement product. This will be hardened in a matrix structure. They will be flat but sometimes may appear as corrugated or circular tubes. You’ll usually find these as insulation in walls in residential buildings. In some cases, you might see it in old plumbing as well.

Reporting asbestos is as comfortable as calling us and scheduling an inspection. Contact us, and we will send an inspector at a time of your choosing. We will bring all the necessary equipment and collect the materials with an eye for the safety of everyone involved.

Our service is not limited to just indoor areas, however. Our team and lab can also conduct testing to see if the fibres have contaminated the surrounding soil or air. These are separate services, but they are available on request.

We recommend getting the air inspected if you find exposed sheets. This is to make sure they are intact, and the contaminants are not in the air. Breathing asbestos in is the most direct way to be exposed to the material and the various dangers associated with it.

A soil inspection and analysis is recommended if you find asbestos in pipes or an outdoor structure. Fibers in the soil are just as hazardous as that free-floating in the air.

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