Safe Disposal

disposing asbestos the wrong way is illegal

Having a Class A certificate means the Licensed Asbestos Assessor can dispose of asbestos dust and fibres safely, whereas a Class B licence allows solid objects only.

Class A is any amount of friable or non friable Asbestos over 10m2. This is for such circumstances as asbestos containing dust pipe lagging, textured ceilings and asbestos insulation board.

Class B is bonded non friable sheet material such as super six roofing, asbestos fibre cement sheeting commonly found on building soffits and wall claddings. Asbestos containing dust can be Class B if it is associated with the removal of class B bonded material.

In the 1970’s the effects of exposure to asbestos fibres on humans (asbestosis) was brought into the spotlight and the use of asbestos containing materials restricted in 2000. The importation of Asbestos containing materials was banned in 2016.

On the recommendation of the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety, a regulatory document was published in New Zealand in 2016 as a guide for the asbestos abatement programme happening throughout the country. Coupled with the Approved Code of Practice gave solid guidelines for all asbestos removal. It was intended to support the asbestos testing, surveying and removal industry by providing foundations for training and certification.

This certification also allowed building owners to engage professional companies to help prepare a plan to identify asbestos and dispose of safely and efficiently:

The document is known as “The Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016” and has paved the way forward for safety in the industry. It provided a stable platform for interested parties to train people appropriately and become licenced in many aspects of asbestos removal. Building owners are also undertaking management plans for their asbestos risk.

With fines of up to $50,000 it is important for building owners to engage a certified experienced asbestos surveying company to identify where the asbestos is located and ensure nothing is missed. ‍

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