Meth Contamination Cleaning

Meth is no joke to your health

Unfortunately, many NZ home owners and landlords are discovering that their homes have, or are being used, for making Crystal Methamphetamine. This can cause serious health concerns within the house for many years - long after the drug is used or made in the house.

If you've recently meth tested your property and it shows contamination, AWM will provide a thorough decontamination.

If you haven't had your home inspected for the presence of Meth by an independent third party. AWM can arrange an independent third party to test your home.

The AWM team is very experienced in the meth clean up industry and want to see you get back into your property, safe and at a realistic cost.

Cooking or producing methamphetamine needs minimal experience and training and limited quantities of chemicals and equipment, each of which are quite cheap. Meth laboratories exist in lots of locations, such as flats, houses, rental storage units, mobile homes and cars.

Common Indicators of Meth Production There's a number of external recognition elements that allude to a meth laboratory:
Powerful smells (sour, acrid, solvents, ammonia or pungent), Plastic or foil window coverings, Landlords who receive cash payments from tenants, More activity in the evenings, Discoloured driveways, pavements, soil or structures Large amounts of household rubbish

Equipment Used As well as the activity within and around a house there are also indications that a house may be used as a meth lab based on the equipment that is in and around it. Here are some of the items that may indicate the presence of a meth lab:
Tanks of propane, Tanks for scuba diving, Extra Stoves, Bottles of chemicals, Fire extinguishers, Glassware, Soda dispensers, Rubbish and Waste Items

Certain items in the rubbish bins can also indicate the home has been used as a meth lab. These items include:
Yellow or red stained rags, Hoses made from rubber, Red stained coffee filters, Bottles of chemicals, Lots of rubbish, Powerful Odours

Have you smelt any of the distinctive, powerful odors below?
Rotting eggs, Ammonia, Solvents, Fertilizer, Sour, pungent or acrid, Vinegar

Methamphetamine production produces many toxic substances. These substances stick to the walls and ceilings of the home as residue. When the occupants of the home breathe in this residue, it can result in a number of symptoms.

Here are some of the symptoms people have experienced by being in a home that has been used as a meth lab:
Nausea, Migraines, Vertigo, Dry throat, Painful chest, Breathing problems

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